Our Shared Mission

We serve God by delivering excellent audit services to the Seventh-day Adventist Church!

Our Shared Values


  • We each share a personal commitment to Christian Service. Our attitude and actions incorporate integrity, respect, professionalism, and efficiency.


  • We are guided by moral and ethical principles which are reflected in our conduct.


  • We respect God by humbly dedicating ourselves to Him.
  • We respect our clients by valuing their opinions, understanding their needs, and supporting their mission.
  • We respect our colleagues by valuing their contributions, understanding their needs, and supporting their professional growth.
  • We respect our profession by applying its standards and best practices.


  • We demonstrate a culture of helpfulness and courtesy by our attitude.
  • We develop our core competencies through a commitment to continuous learning and obtaining the highest level of professional qualifications.
  • We design our system of quality control to ensure our work complies with professional standards.
  • We determine to communicate valuable information in an effective manner.


  • We are committed to conserving church resources by providing the highest quality audits at the best economical value.
We each embrace these values enabling us to deliver excellence!